Technologies we use

Always latests frameworks used

We strongly looks for new frameworks / languages. If it worth, we will offer you these new tools.

Ruby on Rails

"The" Ruby framework. Rails allow us to developp applications quickly. Convention over configuration is the Rails definition. Code is easy to read, easy to evolve, easy to maintain.

Phoenix framework

For projects with huge traffic, real time actions, Phoenix is the solution. Based on Elixir language (using Erlang VM), it's a very robust stack to handle a huge amount of request per seconds.


NodeJS is an asynchrone Javascript language. It allows us to write 100% Javascript code from backend to frontend. Mixed with framework like express, we can build complex applications.


React is a JS framework for building solid web application on navigator side. Written by facebook's team and it's now open sourced.


RiotJS is just like React but with a very low footprint. Usefull for smallest projects.


AngularJS is the google framework to build web app.


MongoDB is a noSQL database (document oriented). No migrations, fast, very useful but not for all projects. We can provide single instance, cluster, sharding.


Another noSQL database ... but with joins capabilities. It also has an embedded request language for complex tasks. Easy to clusterize and shard.


The fastest Key => Value database. It's not only a KV DB, it embed now a lot of useful functionalities. With pipeline activated we can reach more than 200_000req/s


The strongest and powerful SQL Database.


We use git to manage all our codes. We keep a full history of all changes made in the code. Very nice for teams.